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Ken Hua,Transpower Corporate CEO, announces the relocation of our mainland China manufactory to Guanlan, Longhua district completed on 29-Jun-2021 is a great success.

"The new facility is located at the heart of Shenzhen, thus enhances freight logistics while affording quick and easy access from Hong Kong. The building is 100% air conditioned and dust proof to optimize factory conditions for our valued employees." explains Mr. Hua.


Ken Hua, Transpower Corp’s CEO, announces the opening of an additional factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Employing over 100 within a 21,000 sq ft facility, this facility manufacturers electronic assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assemblies along with packaging and final assembly.
en Hua, Transpower Corp’s CEO, announces the opening of an additional factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Mr Hua comments, “This was a strategic decision to diversify geographically, expand our current production capacity in Mainland China, while mitigating the Trade War Tariffs thus providing more value to Transpower’s end customers."
Wire insulation process
Wire Insulation Process
Strain relief over-molding
Strain Relief Over-Molding
Wire drawing process
Wire Drawing Process
TransPower Vietnam Management
TransPower Vietnam Management

aise 3D Pro 2 Plus” Series 3 D Printer for fast protoyping purposes MAY 2019
Ken Hua, Transpower Corp’s CEO, announces the Acquisition of a "Raise 3D Pro 2 Plus” Series 3 D Printer for fast protoyping purposes. The newest generation "Raise 3D" printer can produce high precision parts in a fraction of the time in a wide variety of materials in support of our mould building department.

Transpower customers will receive quick prototypes at a nominal cost to “prove out designs” before investing in traditional production moulds—greatly streamlining the product development cycle.

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In continuing its strategic plan to remain competitive in the global marketplace, Transpower Corp, LTD recently installed its own in-house packaging line. This workcell cuts, folds, and labels boxes to increase efficiencies. Transpower will continue to explore cost cutting opportunities to mitigate rising labor costs in the Pacific Rim!
Automatic Box Packing Machine  Auto Box Packing Machine  Automatic Box Packing Machine 

APRIL 2017
April 03, 2017 - CEO Ken Hua proudly announces that Transpower Corp Ltd has been recognized as one of Hong Kong’s “Caring Companies” by Hong Kong's Council of Social Science for their tireless efforts over the past 4 years raising money for the local Food Bank. Mr Hua comments, "Thru this corporate initiative we have raised over HK$300,000 to date for the underprivileged children in Hong Kong and have a Goal of raising a total of HK$1 Million”.   View our Caring Companies Certificate (PDF)

At TransPower, our success is attributed to our positive attitude, collaborative teamwork, and the utilization of our unique capabilities from conceptual design to production to packaging and shipping. 
Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and we continue to strive throughout each process to lower costs and improve quality.

TransPower Corporation Ltd. maintains complete control of the entire manufacturing process...from concept to design to shipment.  It’s not just our integrated engineering and production abilities that differentiate us from our competitors!

Our highly functional management structure includes a strong service base that offers customers an after-sales technical resource that’s second to none.

In short, we understand that quality of distribution and service are just as vital as the quality of our products.


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