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At TransPower, we provide OEM and ODM electronic manufacturing and design services, from the subassembly level to electronic product development and complete turnkey solutions.

TransPower electronic manufacturing services take your most ambitious ideas from concept to execution. Our skilled engineers are pros at electronic product development, design, and prototyping, and our company offers vertical integration and in-house capabilities that include plastic injection, mold fabrication, SMT, through-hole PCB assembly, burn-in/reliability, and shipment-ready packaging.

Research and Development Facility

Electronic Product Development and Design

Our talented Engineering team consists of 15 individuals in terms of product development (hardware & software design), electronic circuitry design, industrial design, packaging and functional prototype manufacturing upon request.
Electronic Manufacturing
Created using the PADS software.

Printed Circuit Design Services

Professional circuit design services, also known as PCB design services, allow you to create custom circuit boards from scratch or optimize existing components in order to create better and stronger connections between electronic components. Schematic design and prototyping are all done in-house, with electronic manufacturing assistance and support from industry-leading tools, including Siemens PADS PCB Design software.

Industrial Design Services

From research to renderings, our data-backed industrial design services provide you with a reliable partner in developing new products and bringing them to scale. Create innovative solutions that meet and exceed industry expectations, and take advantage of our electronic product development experience and mastery of tools like SOLIDWORKS and Pro E.
Created using SOLIDWORKS and Pro E.
Circuit Design Services

Optical Projection Machine

With an optical resolution ratio of 0.001mm and the ability to provide X/Y measurement accuracy of (3+L/200)um, it greatly assists our design to meet complex parameters.

Electronic Prototype Manufacturing and 3D printing

Electronic prototype manufacturing lets us test product performance at key stages and is integral to our electronic product development services. Methods include development kits and virtual modeling, as well as rapid prototyping with our 3D machine, which can print using PLA, ABS, HIPS, PC, PTU, PVA, PTE, ASA, PP, PETG, and nylon materials at a printing speed of 30-150mm/s.

Electronic Prototype Manufacturing

RF Product Design

Complex applications demand complex designs. To make them happen, we supplement our electronic manufacturing services with radio frequency testing using an RF meter, ensuring your team has the means to create whatever specifications you set out to achieve These tests are critical in successful electronic product development and are used to accurately test high-frequency systems while ensuring they’re well-suited to their desired application.

Our Projects

TransPower electronic design services have helped countless companies create and manufacture one-of-a-kind solutions. Take a look at past projects to see some of our work in action. 

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