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About TransPower Corporation Ltd.

TransPower (TP) is one of the leading electronic manufacturers nationwide—Head-quartered in Hong Kong, TP was founded in 2000 and has grown at a steady pace throughout the years.

Currently, TP has its primary manufacturing facility in Vietnam (41,850 ft2) serving the North American market, whereas our secondary manufacturing facility in China (29,000 ft2) caters to the European & Asian markets.

We provide contract manufacturing services (OEM services & ODM services) from subassembly level to total turnkey solutions, as well as product developments. We’re vertically integrated with in-house capabilities, which include plastic injection and mold fabrication.

As electronic equipment manufacturers, TP employs 2 full-blown SMT production lines. We utilize the Panasonic multi-function chip mounter, DT-401-F, and the Panasonic CM602 placement machine as Pick & Place. Our machines can handle up to 1005 and 402 package chip sizes.

TP also provides Through-Hole PCB assembly, top assembly, final assembly, burn-in/reliability testing and packaging ready for shipment.

Electronics Manufacturers

“With markets in the USA, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, TransPower has the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.”

OEM services

TP has been ISO9001 approved since 2003. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality system available to ensure the standards of our customers are met or exceeded.

At TransPower, our success is attributed to our positive attitude, collaborative teamwork, and the utilization of our unique capabilities from conceptual design to production to packaging and shipping.

Our ultimate goal as electronic manufacturers is customer satisfaction, and so we continue to strive to lower costs and improve quality throughout each process.

TransPower maintains complete control of the entire electronics manufacturing process from concept to design to shipment. It’s not just our integrated engineering and production abilities that differentiate us from our competitors. 

Our highly functional management structure includes a strong customer service base that offers customers a technical resource that’s second to none. 

In short, we understand that quality of distribution and service are just as vital as the quality of our products.

Company History


TransPower, founded in 2000 in Hong Kong, has grown from a modest startup to one of the nation’s leading electronics manufacturing companies. From there, we have gradually expanded and grown to become capable of manufacturing a vast variety of products with the increase of new factories and in-house capabilities. We have refined our electronic manufacturing process to guarantee the best possible quality at an increasingly shorter lead time.

Here are some of the monumental moments in TransPower, where we met milestones that brought us to where we are today!

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