Production capabilities

With our 2 full-blown SMT production lines, we can manufacture many types of unique products.

Our product range is horizontally diversified covering various fields and applications. It is this niche that makes us stand out against our competition.

Full-blown SMT production line
Pick & Place chip components assembly

SMT Machines

Panasonic DT-401-F

Our Panasonic DT-401-F, a multi-function placement machine can handle a base size PCB of L50 x W50 mm to L510mm x L460mm. It has a mount beat of 0.7s/chip (tape or bulk material), 0.8s/QFP (single tray) and 1.2s/QFP. Its mount precision is at +/-50um/chip, +/-35um/QFP and a Cpk>1. Finally, it can handle 1005 chip to W90nm x T25nm x L100mm.

On the other hand, the Panasonic CM602-L used as a SMT placement machine known as Pick & Place can handle the same PCB base size but with 12 high speed head nozzles. It has a max. speed of 0.036 s/chip and a placement accuracy of =/-40 um/chip (Cpk1). Finally, it can handle 0402 chip to W12mm x L12mm x T6.5mm.

Panasonic CM602-L

Manual Component Assembly

Dual-wave Soldering

Top Assembly

Product Testing

Automatic Packaging Line

Plastic Injection

We currently have about 25 plastic injection machines ranging from 98 – 368 tonnage. Our machines can handle numerous types of material such ABS, PC, PA66, PPO, etc…

We also employ robotic arms to remove parts on some machines to increase output and enhance efficiency.

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