Quality Control

We utilize the latest test equipment/machines to ensure the highest quality in our products. To be specific, we utilize the AOI (automatic optical inspection), ALD7120.

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

ALD7120 includes state of the art i3D technology, a high-speed camera and a a multidirectional lighting module. This system has a small footprint, works very quietly, can be integrated easily and is suitable for use in production. At the same time, it can deliver 100% coverage high-speed inspection with no escapes and a very low false alarm rate. In addition, it can be used in different kinds of applications such as TH component inspection, glue pad contamination and more. Last but least, ALD7120 does not require any hardware modification to switch between reflow, pre-flow, wave or glue applications. It has a vast range of capabilities and is designed to overcome all PC inspection challenges including shadows, various component colours, transparency, board warpage and many more.

Finally, to monitor & control our process, we apply SPC techniques such as X bar R chart, Cpk, PPM, P chart to maintain our standard.

Abrasion test

(to verify paint quality, adhesive strength & durability)

LED Spectrum Analysis

(to verify color/brightness & consistency)

Salt-Spray test

(to determine potential of rust and its severity on outdoor/aqua products)

Environmental test

(to simulate temperature, humidity & to perform stress to determine impact on the product out in the field )

RoHS Test

(Our machine can handle up to 75+ elements to screen for hazardous substances in products to comply with RoHS/WEEE directive)

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